Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekly Update 4/20/07

Not much happening - weather has been horrible here on the river.

I think nothing else needs to be said re: the VT horror. I know everyone has the Hokies in their minds, hearts, & prayers.

I have a pair of mature BALD EAGLES hanging around. One had a 5lb+ rockfish which it flew off with. Not sure if it scavenged or caught it. I don't know of a local nest either. A friend of mine who lives in Isle of Wight County had one in his back yard on 4/17. It is not far from me as the eagle flies - may be one of "my" pair.

I had my first RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD (a male) of the year on 4/16 while we were having strong winds.

On 4/14 I found a BONAPARTE'S GULL over the Nansemond River. I remember that boneys were much more common here about 15-20 years ago.

ROYAL TERNS are present now in the dozens over the river. Yesterday a pair of LESSER YELLOWLEGS passed over.

I think the most memorable sight this past week was the show put on by hundreds of TREE SWALLOWS on 4/15. I was working out in the yard and noticed a few skimming my front yard. The Tree Swallow is a beautiful bird - I love the blue-green sheen to the backs of these birds. Anyway, the "storm" had abated somewhat and turned quite warm (70 deg) and I eagerly took advantage of this moment to goldbrick and watched the swallows. I noticed that there were hundreds of swallows (both Tree and Barn) extending many 100's of feet into the air. They seemed to be pushed by a storm front which was bearing down upon our point in the river. The strong wind quickly passed and took the swallows (plus the warmth) with it. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees as I reluctantly returned to work.

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Larry said...

Tree Swallows are beautiful when the sun shines on their backs.