Monday, April 9, 2007

Royal Terns arrive - plus "snow"birds & more!

Weekly happenings:
1. Royal Terns returned (reterned?) here on the Nansemond River in Suffolk on 4/6. Return dates vary greatly from 3/17 to 4/20.

2. I can now count eleven (11) Osprey nests on the river from my kitchen window alone. I have observed much more interaction between the pairs this year. There have been many chases as Ospreys encroach too close to other nests.

3. I heard my first Northern Bobwhite calling last Tuesday from across the river.

Easter-eve Snow!
I woke up on Saturday (4/7) morning to rain (but it would change over and leave a little under an inch of snow by noon). As I scanned the river I found 25+ Forster's Terns and a Great Egret. The terns were whipping around like a wind driven snowstorm - a precursor to the snow we would have later on in the morning. Later, a dozen or so Tree Swallows swept by close to the water trying to dodge the wind & snow. The three pairs of Purple Martins certainly did not appear to enjoy the weather at all! But all are active today so they appear to have survived the storm. I'm attaching a still pic of them & a video clip will be found at

Good Birds!

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