Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ospreys in Love

Not much to report here in Suffolk but Sunday morning we were awakened to an Osprey "singing". The bird was perched near my bedroom window and was calling incessantly. Later in the morning I scoped two Ospreys. So - I guess one of the first signs of spring around these parts.

We found one bird on the CBC on Jan. 1 but I haven't seen it again since. The birds have a lot of work to do. Most of the nests have been cleared off of the channel markers and the ones on the power towers are sparse due to Ernesto and other storms we've had since last nesting season.


John said...

Hi. Nice blog. I just followed the link here from va-bird. I am always happy to see more local bird blogs getting started.

elisabeth said...

Nice to find other Suffolk birders!
We had an osprey here through at least mid-January...we live behind Obici Hospital on one of the most natural properties in Burnett's Mill. The barred owls are hooting almost all day long now, one great blue heron remains, and our weird battalion of cormorants finally left. We're still waiting for the winter ducks and wondering if they are even going to show up this year...we usually get ring-necks, wood ducks, coots, pied-billeds, and gadwalls. So far only a couple pied-billeds hung around for two or three days, and a small raft of hooded mergs were here for about a month. But we are seeing more of the otters so that's nice!

Paul said...

Keep up the great blog. I believe blogs will become the birding assest of the future. It provides more detail and local info than listservs. Anytime I head to Tidewater I'll check your blog for local information.

Paul Mocko
VA-Bird listserv